Process expertise for industrial companies from all sectors

Automotive production is regarded internationally as a benchmark in the world of process organization.

Magna Steyr Industrial Services combines the multifaceted specialist knowledge of Magna Steyr and offers decades of experience in this field for application in other sectors. In this way manufacturing companies from a variety of industries and of many different sizes – from small businesses to large-scale mass-production manufacturers – are able to benefit from the expertise, processes and standards of a large global automotive group.

To optimally leverage the advantages and opportunities of a professional shop-floor management, we always address the special requirements of the customer and develop tailor-made solutions.


Tailor-made solutions

Production planning & industrialization
– Factory concept planning
– Manufacturing engineering
– Supply chain management
– Launch management
– Quality planning

Productivity & optimization
– Lean Management
– Process analyses
– Waste analyses (Muda)

Task force management & support
– Task force management
– Interim-management
– Problem management
– Audits

Shop-floor management
– Production system
– Workplace design
– Defining key performance indicators
– Continual improvement process
– Waste analyses (Muda)
– Quality management

Supply chain management
– Material flow planning
– Delivery concepts
– Resource planning
– Packaging planning
– Supplier management